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18 Brutal Business Lessons from the Failures of Successful Entrepreneurs

Have you ever done business before and failed? Have you really given your best to a business, done everything you know how, worked really hard, sourced for, and invested funds into your business, but to your dismay, you still find yourself on the lonely road of failure? You were so sure that you were doing things right. You saw your success staring right back at you and nothing was standing in your way. You felt like you were on steroids and was already winning. Then out of the blues when you were your most relaxed and unsuspecting, failure makes a ... Read more

Top 100 Leaders from Multilateral Organisations: From Kristalina Georgieva to Jamal Bin Huwaireb, These Are the Most Influential People in This Sphere

Whether you’re a would-be leader from a multilateral organisation or have spent some years being one. You could be worse-off than to read the short biographies of multilateral organisation insiders who have been through the journey before. So we’ve compiled a list of top multilateral organisation insiders. It’s a list of the most influential people in multilateral organisations, particularly at being pro-active. If you’re an enthusiast of relevant fields including public health, economics, business and social or behavioural sciences, it is critical that you follow and connect with these influencers from multilateral organisations and expand your professional network. Here’s what some of them said about this list: Honoured to be included on this list ... Read more

The True Cost of the Gender Pay Gap in Europe

A recently introduced regulation by the UK Government states employers with over 250 employees must publish their salary figures to compare men and women’s average pay across their organisation. Since this regulation was enforced in April 2018, over 10,667 UK companies have reported their figures and the results are pretty shocking. One company even reported that its female employees are earning as much as 75.7% less per hour (on a median basis) than their male colleagues. According to Grant Thornton’s research across 36 economies, the proportion of women in senior business roles in the UK fell from 21% in 2016 ... Read more

What Qualities Make You a Good Trader or Investor?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored ad. If you have decided to trade in the financial markets, you will be happy to know that you are joining hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide who take advantage of the many lucrative trading opportunities in the markets on a daily basis. The fact is though, not everyone is successful when they trade online and only a small percentage of traders actually make real profits. So, you might be wondering what qualities you need in order to make you a good trader? 1. Market Knowledge and Continued Education Investing your time to get a ... Read more

What Do the Super-Rich Spend Their Money On? (Infographic Included)

If the class of super rich people are sometimes seen as out of touch with the rest of humanity it might be because there are proportionately so few of them. While there are many millionaires in the world – the extravagantly rich class of billionaires boils down to only around 2200. That’s 0.00003% of the world’s population. They are more than just one in a million – they are 1 in every 3.4 million.   One way to grasp the unicorn status of billionaires is that this average 0.00003% rate would make: 3 billionaires in NYC (population 8.5 million) 100 ... Read more

12 Highly Creative People Who Failed Before Succeeding

Winston Churchill once said that “Failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” The message is that success resides in brushing off defeat and learning from your mistakes in order to propel yourself forward. Having the drive to persevere in the wake of failure is a characteristic that most people lack. Many students and young adults take leaps of faith to pursue their passions only to give up when they are criticized and demoralized. Why Are We Afraid to Pursue Our Passions? Western societies place heavy importance on conventional white collar jobs. This is evident through ... Read more

The Benefits of Charitable Work for Businesses

When you’re busy running a successful business or managing a full workload, it can be challenging to find time for charity work. Raising money for a cause or volunteering have some definite benefits for businesses – in addition to the positive feeling of having helped those who are less fortunate. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the matter and explain how corporate social responsibility can benefit your business. What is corporate social responsibility? Corporate social responsibility, also known as CSR, is a business model that intends to help businesses be more socially accountable. CSR recognises ... Read more

20 Podcasts That Inspire Creativity (Including FREE Audio Links)

Creativity generally is believed to ebb and flow depending on various factors. Being creative is highly subjective, and different people are creative in different ways. Still, there are some habits people can indulge in to foster daily creativity. Most creatives have their repertoire of hobbies and activities that they engage in that help them rest and recharge before their next big project. However, there are plenty of creative people that do not necessarily use their imagination in their professional lives. It is easy to forget that daily creativity is just as important as bigger bouts of it, and finding everyday ... Read more

What Is Social Branding? And How Does It Work?

Social branding also known as a sustanability brand was once the domain of nonprofit organisations. At the time of writing social branding is equally utilised by socially-conscious businesses that are making a positive impact on society, while also turning a profit. What is a Social Brand? A social brand is much like any marketing brand. It should reflect your business values and marketing message like your conventional branding message would. The major difference is that a social brand will reflect your company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Going beyond mere profitability, a social brand will signal to your stakeholders that ... Read more

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy for GDPR Compliance

There have been some recent changes to data protection laws, and as a result we wanted to reassure you that your privacy is our priority and we go to great lengths to protect it, which is why we’ve updated our Privacy Policy. To view the changes visit the Privacy Policy page on our website. If you have any questions, please contact

Top 17 Most Inspirational TED Talks on Effective Leadership (Videos Included)

The Best Leadership Ted Talks to Get You Inspired This Year: It’s inevitable that over time, you start to lose motivation. When entrepreneurs set out to open their business, they feel incredibly driven to overcome the initial hurdles thanks to all of their built up passion and excitement. However, even the most driven entrepreneurs and business people lose stamina when it comes to completing projects both big and small. Why? As stress and pressure of the added demands of the business start to take their toll, entrepreneurs and business owners will likely start to slow down. You’re not alone. It ... Read more

Big Business Risks Which Paid Off! (Infographic Included)

Case studies of entrepreneurs taking risks from companies including Dyson, Tesla, Flickr, Oracle, and Netflix to name a few; You can confidently say that risk-taking is synonymous with entrepreneurship. When starting out, no entrepreneur is certain of the future. And, the survival rate for new companies isn’t as high as one would hope. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are over 582 million individuals in this world in the process of starting up or running their own company. However, a staggering 50% of new start-ups fail within five years, and 8 out of 10 fail within the first year. ... Read more

8 Email Marketing Mistakes Most Business Owners Make

When done properly, email marketing is a fantastic way of bring in new clients, and engaging with the ones you already have. However, many business owners make very common mistakes when implementing emails in their marketing strategy. Here are the top mistakes all business owners make, and how you can avoid them. Writing Long Or Rambling Emails Most people get bombarded with emails every day. If they’ve taken the time to open yours, you’ve got to tell the reader what you want, and quickly. Some business owners make the mistake of writing longer emails, or emails then tend to ramble. ... Read more

Snapchat Isn’t the Last Time We’ll Hear About Design in an Earnings Call

“The new Snapchat separates social from media.” During Snap’s recent earnings call, the social media powerhouse issued this rather disorienting statement. Granted, it could work. Snapchat has long prided itself on a less obvious UI, worn like a badge of honor by younger users over their less app-savvy predecessors.. Whether it will work, however, is beside the point. More important is the fact that a major tech company specifically highlighted a product redesign as a way of refreshing its business. Now more than ever, design is taking center stage: to earnings, to user growth, to revenue. Any business worth its ... Read more

8 Entrepreneurial Families and Their Businesses Mapped Out (INFOGRAPHIC)

There is no doubt that at some point you will have come across the names Elon Musk, Ratan Tata, Kris Jenner and Donald Trump. However, have you ever wondered how many businesses these famous entrepreneurs have been involved with or owned across the years? With the recent acquisition of Fox TV and Film from Disney, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to take a look into these families and their business ventures, and map them out in a visual piece. Industries The results were quite fascinating. Between just eight families, we found 788 families branching across 18 industries. ... Read more