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Top 17 Most Inspirational TED Talks on Effective Leadership (Videos Included)

The Best Leadership Ted Talks to Get You Inspired This Year: It’s inevitable that over time, you start to lose motivation. When entrepreneurs set out to open their business, they feel incredibly driven to overcome the initial hurdles thanks to all of their built up passion and excitement. However, even the most driven entrepreneurs and business people lose stamina when it comes to completing projects both big and small. Why? As stress and pressure of the added demands of the business start to take their toll, entrepreneurs and business owners will likely start to slow down. You’re not alone. It ... Read more

Big Business Risks Which Paid Off! (Infographic Included)

Case studies of entrepreneurs taking risks from companies including Dyson, Tesla, Flickr, Oracle, and Netflix to name a few; You can confidently say that risk-taking is synonymous with entrepreneurship. When starting out, no entrepreneur is certain of the future. And, the survival rate for new companies isn’t as high as one would hope. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are over 582 million individuals in this world in the process of starting up or running their own company. However, a staggering 50% of new start-ups fail within five years, and 8 out of 10 fail within the first year. ... Read more

8 Email Marketing Mistakes Most Business Owners Make

When done properly, email marketing is a fantastic way of bring in new clients, and engaging with the ones you already have. However, many business owners make very common mistakes when implementing emails in their marketing strategy. Here are the top mistakes all business owners make, and how you can avoid them. Writing Long Or Rambling Emails Most people get bombarded with emails every day. If they’ve taken the time to open yours, you’ve got to tell the reader what you want, and quickly. Some business owners make the mistake of writing longer emails, or emails then tend to ramble. ... Read more

Snapchat Isn’t the Last Time We’ll Hear About Design in an Earnings Call

“The new Snapchat separates social from media.” During Snap’s recent earnings call, the social media powerhouse issued this rather disorienting statement. Granted, it could work. Snapchat has long prided itself on a less obvious UI, worn like a badge of honor by younger users over their less app-savvy predecessors.. Whether it will work, however, is beside the point. More important is the fact that a major tech company specifically highlighted a product redesign as a way of refreshing its business. Now more than ever, design is taking center stage: to earnings, to user growth, to revenue. Any business worth its ... Read more

8 Entrepreneurial Families and Their Businesses Mapped Out (INFOGRAPHIC)

There is no doubt that at some point you will have come across the names Elon Musk, Ratan Tata, Kris Jenner and Donald Trump. However, have you ever wondered how many businesses these famous entrepreneurs have been involved with or owned across the years? With the recent acquisition of Fox TV and Film from Disney, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to take a look into these families and their business ventures, and map them out in a visual piece. Industries The results were quite fascinating. Between just eight families, we found 788 families branching across 18 industries. ... Read more

Top 25 Countries at Attracting Foreign Talent (Infographic Included)

List of Leading Countries at Skilled Worker Migration;  Skills. People have them, and companies want them. Not only do companies want them, so do countries, and they want to be the best at attracting skilled workers. But who does it the best? Using data from the United Nations and the Global Talent Competitive Index to understand how countries compete for talent, KDM Engineering ranked the 25 countries best at enabling, attracting, growing and retaining foreign talent. To dive deeper, each country’s “top feeders” is noted – which countries feed the most migrants into that given country. Switzerland was named the top ... Read more

The History of PayPal (Infographic Included)

Back in the early 90’s, sending and receiving payments online between individuals was not an easy process. People didn’t even imagine the possibility of such transactions, even though banks and other financial institutions had the means of conducting them. Now everyone knows about and uses the world’s largest and most famous online payment system, PayPal. Bold statement, you say? Check out the facts assembled by the folk at PLAY-N-PLAY and think again. Currently, PayPal operates in 202 countries worldwide, with 203 million active users and 16 million merchant accounts. Since its inception, it has recorded 1,7 billion transactions with 32 ... Read more

Understanding the Differences: 11 Ways Leadership and Management Are Different

“Leadership is doing the right things; management is doing things right.” – Peter Drucker Although leadership and management are intermingled terminologies, they are fundamentally different from each other. In general, management is an established set of processes and systems designed to achieve the desired results for an organization through several key activities such as budgeting, organizing, staffing, problem-solving, and more. Leadership, on the other hand, defines the mission and the vision of an organization, while designing its path that leads to the road of success. The fundamental differences between leadership and management apply to every organization and it is important to ... Read more

The Economic Impact of Zero Car Accidents (Infographic Included)

Since their birth, cars have become such a means of society. Whether you own one personally, or rely on public transportation, many of us depend on them for our day-to-day routines. While cars have been a tremendous contribution with efficiency and advancement, they have also led to a great amount of deaths and economic impacts. According to data from the National Safety Council and the Department of Transportation, 2016 was the deadliest year in the U.S. for car accidents in recent years, with 40,000 deaths and 11 million accidents. Chicago-based law firm Cooney and Conway dove in to looking at ... Read more

10 Tips for Turning Rookie Reps Into All-Stars

If your small or mid-sized business is having a hard time getting new sales reps up and running, you’re not alone. Selling is a tough business that takes communication skills, listening skills, perseverance, resiliency, empathy, product knowledge, business knowledge, and flexibility combined with discipline. No entry-level sales rep comes on board with all of these attributes honed to perfection, which is why effective training is so important. If training is done well, a greater number of new hires will make the cut. If training is done poorly, potentially successful reps will slip through a company’s fingers. Here are 10 ideas ... Read more

The Stories Behind British and European Bank-Notes (Infographic Included)

Banknotes pass under our noses nearly every day. And yet, how many of us have taken the time to study them? On the 13th September 2016, the UK’s first polymer banknote entered circulation. The see-through plastic film, according to the Bank of England (BoE), will allow for cleaner, more secure and more durable banknotes. The next step of the changeover has recently been announced in the UK, and it comes in the shape of the new polymer £10. English novelist Jane Austen will adorn the note, the mastermind behind such popular works as Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and ... Read more

Could Your Job Title Help You Save Money or Increase Your Income?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored ad. Many people pursue certain career paths they assume will be worthwhile. However, they don’t often think about how having a certain job title might help them save money on specific things or increase their overall incomes. When you have a mindset like a CEO, you could enjoy a better personal finance situation even if you haven’t yet reached the top rung of the career ladder. Ask About Lesser-Known Job Benefits You probably know if your job offers benefits such as a 401k plan or health insurance but what about discounted gym memberships or savings ... Read more

BYOD Security Apple vs. Android for Home to Office Safety

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored ad. Both Android and Apple boast strong security measures for their devices which can make it hard to choose between the two. But just as both have strengths, both have weaknesses in the form of older devices and software bugs that let hackers access a phone with ease. Following are some of the common issues that plague both operating systems and why these concerns should be taken into consideration when buying either type of phone. Remotely Wipe the Device Never underestimate the option to remotely wipe a device from any computer. Both Android and iOS ... Read more

Top Paying Careers in Engineering

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored ad. If you’re looking for high-paying jobs, the tech industry could very well be where you’ll find the most of them. But as a field, engineering commands some of the highest-paying jobs in the world, and whether you’re an engineer in tech or in a different industry, you’re likely to be commanding a significant paycheck. While the U.S. Department of Labor releases surveys regarding salary every now and then, to take a look at the top paying careers in engineering, we’re using the data provided by the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) ... Read more