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Robin Roberts: Raising the Bar of Courage and Determination

Robin Roberts was born on November 23, 1960 in Tuskegee, Mississippi. Her father, Colonel Lawrence E. Roberts, was a pilot with the famous Tuskegee Airmen. She grew up in Pass Christian, which was completely devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She offered both heartbreaking and heartfelt reports from that area as a broadcaster for ABC. She became co-anchor of Good Morning America in 2005 after working as a journalist with ESPN for over 15 years. Her love of sports began with heavy involvement in basketball and tennis. She was offered a basketball scholarship to Louisiana State University, but Roberts chose ... Read more

7 Wealth Habits of the World’s Richest People

Reaching the pinnacles of the super rich rarely happens overnight. It requires years and years of hard work, determination and the drive to never give up. For a select few people, their luck changed in a matter of a few seconds. For others, they worked hard over the years to build up their empires and get on the list of the world’s wealthiest people. It seems the secrets to becoming part of the élite and wealthy have been well guarded. The likes of Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Amancio Ortega, and Nick Woodman are ready to show their secrets about what made ... Read more

How to Become a Genius: 10 Common Character Traits

Albert Einstein The word genius brings to mind great people like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. Many write off genius capabilities as being in the “genes” or in some way being born in a superior mental position than others. In all actuality, the thinking involved in many genius ideas and pursuits are process-based. Geniuses spend the necessary time cultivating the ability to process knowledge and use it to a fuller capacity than most. This is what sets their results apart from everyone else. This offers hope to the rest of us that developing genius skills are possible. Below are ten ... Read more

5 Cities That Are Magnificent Representations of the Future

People evolve and grow. We have always looked to the future when it’s a matter of humanity and have come a long way. In the past, some cities seemed to enable themselves more efficient in evolution than others. Now, there’s five cities that stand honoured as incredible representations of human advancement. 1. Pulau Ujong, Singapore Although, in terms of human population, Pulau Ujong is one of the most overpopulated cities when considering it’s a small island. Even in a city known for its growth, it aims to increase the population further, in turn improving the consistency of work. Nonetheless, Singapore is a shining example ... Read more

6 Things Successful CEOs Do Before Sleeping

Being a CEO is challenging. Did you know that CEOs work ten times more than the usual 8-hour work shift that comes with corporate jobs? Yes, they have the entire welfare of the company on their shoulders. It’s crucial that they work extra hard to keep everything running smoothly and successfully. The key to success is not only about working hard, but the CEOs have to plan and make good decisions too. So, here are a few things they do before bed that helps them keep calm and handle immense pressures… 1. Think over the day: This involves analyzing, recapping, ... Read more

How SpaceX Innovates Great New Technologies

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation got established in 2002 by Elon Musk. It is better known as SpaceX and set to change the cost of space exploration to meet the goal of creating an interplanetary generation of humans. The dynamic and brilliant engineers of SpaceX are on a mission to build the most innovative reusable space vehicles that are the cutting edge of technology. SpaceX Spacecraft Advancement The Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and Dragon are the major space vehicle designs that have positioned SpaceX towards being the company that offers the innovative technology that makes a difference. The Falcon 9 has carried Dragon on a ... Read more

10 Uses of Video That CEOs Can’t Ignore

The world of online business is constantly developing. CEOs adapt and adopt newer and better methods to improve sales and gain long-term clients. One of these methods is the usage of online videos. While ‘Vlogging’ has become the entertainment on sites such as YouTube and Vine, there are many professional uses for online videos too, and they come with several benefits. 1: EXPRESSING PERSONALITY In the first video above, actor Trevor Noah expresses his comical personality through a video about his new CEO role. This is perhaps the most important aspect of using videos since it is easier to trust a person who is friendly and ... Read more

How Pam Chatman Is Empowering Women

Pam Chatman doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s sometimes called the Oprah of the South, and with good reason. Glass ceilings and closed doors might stop some people, but Pam isn’t like most people. Nothing gets in the way of her doing what she loves, which is empowering women. Pam defines the word “Boss Lady”. Pam is the first female African-American News Director in the state of Mississippi. She holds that position for both WABG (ABC) and WNBD (NBC) in Greenville. Because of her prominent position on the news, she ended up starring in Breaking Greenville, a reality show. Her ... Read more

4 Proven Ways to Invest in Antique Art

If you have money to invest and an appreciation of fine craftsmanship, then investing in antique art might be the right choice for you. Antiques are collectible objects such as furniture or artwork that have a high value due to their age, quality, and rarity. Investing in antiques is not the most conventional way to make money, but if you know where to look and what to look for, antiques can be lucrative investments! Here are some tips to get you started investing in antique art: 1) Educate yourself on which antiques are of value Visit local museums, antique malls, ... Read more

How You Can Market Like Amazon for Free is an American website that has become the largest internet-based retailer in the United States. started off as an online book-store, but soon expanded to sell a broad range of goods, including DVDs, CDs, MP3s, software, video games, electronics, apparel, food, clothing, toys, jewellery, and more. In recent years, Amazon has gone global, selling in countries around the world. How Can You Market like Amazon for Free? With its booming success, Amazon has set a high bar for online retailers. The good news is that Amazon’s dominance can help you learn how to market your online business more ... Read more

Africa Exclusive: Property Investment in Lagos, Nigeria

Real estate investment in Nigeria is a topic that’s rare to come-by. It’s no secret that the Nigerian economy is booming. With a population of nearly 170 million and a need for 700,000 new housing units every year, buyers from all walks of life are flocking to invest there. According to, Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa by far and grew by 89% in twenty years from 1990 to 2010. If you’re thinking about renting a property; a one bedroom apartment in Lagos City Centre used go for about $680 per month in 2010, now its upwards of $1000. Buying Property in Lagos, Nigeria Investing in foreign ... Read more

Marissa Mayer: One of the Most Powerful Women in Business

Marissa Mayer | FindTheCompany No one would suspect that a little girl from Wausau, Wisconsin would grow up to be one of the most powerful women ever to work in the world of corporate business, and with great achievements. Marissa Mayer is the President and CEO of Yahoo and has been since July of 2012. She was born May 30, 1975, to Michael and Margaret Mayer. She was provided a hearty Midwest education that was well-rounded and included learning both piano and ballet. There was absolutely no activity or sport that was off limits for Marissa when she attended high ... Read more

Katie Davis: An Angel in Uganda!

There are very few people that would pick up and leave the comfort of their home as well as everyone they know to travel to Uganda. Eighteen years old Katie Davis of Brentwood, Tennessee did just that in December of 2006. The inquisitive young woman felt an instant bond with the friendly people and simple culture. She enthusiastically agreed to return to Uganda in the summer of 2007 to be a kindergarten teacher at an orphanage. Technology Prevalence in Uganda Over Time | FindTheData Davis was appalled to see so many children working in the field or washing clothes for their ... Read more

Are You Ready for Power Batteries That Last 365 Days?

Living in a technologically advanced world is great, but there is one thing about it that really gets on every device owner’s nerves is poor battery performance. The malls, airports, and train stations are the best demonstration of the problems with current battery technology. All of the available power plugs have people waiting in lines to connect their charger before the black screen of death occurs. Is there any prospect on the horizon for batteries that do not have to be recharged often? Lithium Ion The gelatinous lithium-ion battery of today has seen very little improvement since the technology got rolled ... Read more

Let’s Talk About the Whitney Museum

The new Whitney Museum building of American Art has overwhelmingly come through on a promise made thirty years ago to expand and make it more inviting to tourists. Making this possible meant moving from the previous location on the Upper East Side to a new building in the industrial district along the Hudson River. The nine-story Museum complex was designed by the renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano and at a cost of four hundred and twenty-two million dollars. There is now plenty of room to house the over twenty-two thousand objects of art to be viewed and studied. The industrial style ... Read more