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Philanthropists Top 100: From Warren Buffett to Elon Musk, These Are the Most Charitable People in the World

Whether you’re a would-be philanthropist or have spent some years being one. You could be worse-off than to read the short biographies of philanthropists who have been through the journey before. So we’ve compiled a list of top philanthropists. It’s a list of the most influential philanthropists, particularly at being pro-active. If you’re an enthusiast of relevant fields including philanthropy, social enterprise or sustainable development, it is […]

Melinda Gates: Increasing Global Philanthropy Through Leadership

Who’s Melinda Gates and what leadership skills could you learn from studying her story? Melinda Gates is best known as the wife of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. However, her lasting legacy will be her demonstration of incredible philanthropy work across the world. The love she developed for computers and interactive media began at an early […]