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Revealed: The UK’s Self-Made Super-Rich Hotspots

Discover the UK’s richest self-made people and their places of incubation as entrepreneurs. Britain’s super-rich economy is one of the largest in the world and is continuing to evolve. But, did you know that some of Britain’s wealthiest are self-made, making their fortune through sheer determination?  What’s even more surprising is that almost half (41%) […]

Building a Digital Economy Strategy

Explaining what the digital economy is, why it is important to consider, and how to best implement research & development.  The “new economy” (digital economy, knowledge economy) both affords fresh opportunities for strategic economic development and demands fundamentally different approaches by economic development agents and agencies (Collits 2017a and b). The new opportunities revolve around […]

Powerful Women Secrets: Sabah Al Haidoos Interview (TOP TIPS)

Today, I had the honor of speaking with Ms. Sabah Al Haidoos, the CEO of Silatech, a leading international NGO that works to create jobs and expand economic opportunities for young people in the Middle East and Africa. The organization promotes large-scale job creation, entrepreneurship, access to capital and markets, and the participation of young […]

Failure Is Essential for All Leaders

We are taught to win, go for the gold, outdo our competitors, make a difference, leave a legacy. Medals, awards, bonuses, pay raises, promotions, profile and celebrations glorify these achievements. What if we also celebrated failures? One of my clients holds a quarterly meeting and a regular agenda item on the list includes ‘Recent Failures’. […]

Powerful Women Secrets: Pippa Malmgren (TOP TIPS)

An Exclusive Interview With the World-Renowned Economic Analyst Dr. Pippa Malmgren:  We are pleased to share this exclusive interview with one of the most successful economic analysts in the world as part of our Powerful Women Secrets programme. Pippa Malmgren shares her story, top advice on understanding economic signals and views on what’s needed for success. […]

Big Business Risks Which Paid Off! (Infographic Included)

Case studies of entrepreneurs taking risks from companies including Dyson, Tesla, Flickr, Oracle, and Netflix to name a few; You can confidently say that risk-taking is synonymous with entrepreneurship. When starting out, no entrepreneur is certain of the future. And, the survival rate for new companies isn’t as high as one would hope. According to […]

Alibaba vs. Tencent: Lessons From Two Prolific Chinese Companies

Top 3 Alibaba vs. Tencent Lessons You Could Benefit From Today –  The two Chinese tech giants are reshaping the game, with deep pockets and access to funds on a platter of Gold. The two Chinese tech giants are proving to be the two deadliest strikers in the tech world. Their market capitalizations and share prices total […]

Chris Harvey Interview: Discover the Secrets of a Quora Influencer

I meet a lot of lawyers. Some of them I really like, some, not so much. The ones I really like are those whose have true passion for helping people. Enter Chris Harvey, startup lawyer, top Quora writer, and my good friend. Chris primary practices business law and internet law in traditional business spaces including […]