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I Am the CEO … So Why Am I Confused About How I Should Spend My Time?

How a 2×2 Matrix Can Solve Time Management Struggles:  You’d think that, living in an era of technology-enabled efficiency like we do, it would be simple to manage our time. We have time management apps like Asana and Trello to handle deadlines, reminders, workflows and all the nitty gritty details of delegation.  But most of […]

Agile Human-Centric Design: What Is It and Why You Need to Know

Shaz Khan has been actively implementing SAP ERP eProcurement and Supply Chain applications for over ten years. Once he noticed procurement software wasn’t being fully utilized by businesses (even though they were already paying for it), he decided to co-found Vroozi. As the Company’s CSO, Shaz is a valuable resource to those who may be […]

100 Years Away From Gender Equality in the C-Suite

Various studies have long shown that women are underrepresented in top leadership roles in business, academia, government and NFP organisations the world over. A 2015 study conducted by the non-profit LeanIn organisation, in conjunction with McKinsey & Company, looked at the roles women fill in hundreds of top companies in corporate America, and found that they […]

Episode 1: A Boardroom Story: How to Be a Powerful Woman in a Male-Dominated Room

Jenny Q. Ta is a veteran Wall Street millionaire and the CEO & Co-founder of, a virtual “E-Harmony meets Shark Tank“ that bridges the gap between modern entrepreneurs and forward-thinking venture capitalists worldwide. Jenny and her co-founder, Shinta Dhanuwardoyo (Forbes Magazine’s “99 Most Powerful Women” by Globe Asia), are paving the way for more […]

5 Lessons in Maximizing Productivity From a Three-Time Business Owner

Busy people are always seeking new ways to maximize productivity, and business owners and entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people I know. As the CEO and co-founder of three businesses, I deeply value high productivity for myself and my company. I am constantly improving upon my own productivity and seeking new tools and resources […]

Three Steps to Totally Dominating Your Industry

Running a business is so multifaceted, it may start to feel like what you really are is a professional juggler. And though there are just about a thousand things to think about every day as an entrepreneur, there are a few that stand out as being especially important if you want to totally dominate your […]

Powerful Women Secrets: Self-awareness & Straightforwardness

Jamee Natella, the CEO and Founder of Blueyed Pictures runs an international production company, the same way she lives her life—with passion, tenacity and a gritty determination to do her very best, no matter what. She left her hometown of Chicago, Illinois, in her late teens, to follow her dream to work in the film […]

6 Things Successful CEOs Do Before Sleeping

Being a CEO is challenging. Did you know that CEOs work ten times more than the usual 8-hour work shift that comes with corporate jobs? Yes, they have the entire welfare of the company on their shoulders. It’s crucial that they work extra hard to keep everything running smoothly and successfully. The key to success […]