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Johari Window: An Effective Model for Improving Interpersonal Communication and Managerial Effectiveness

A detailed study and application of the ‘Johari Window’ model for individuals and organizations in the 21st Century.  Communication is the glue that holds people and organisations together. It is the key to success for any successful organization and individuals, especially in these digital times. Effective communication has become one of the most important parameters […]

18 Good Business Books to Read During Your Lunch Breaks This Year

Ever wonder what business books you should be reading during your afternoon breaks? Well, here’s where you could start… Did you know that the average American has only read about four books in the last year? That’s a far cry from the 500 pages per day and 50 books per year that successful CEOs Warren […]

Be the Model They Need You to Be: Three Tips on Becoming a Better Leader

3 leadership qualities everyone can use to successfully lead a project, including examples:  The great basketball coach, John Wooden, made it clear. “I believe there is no more powerful leadership tool,” he wrote, “than your own personal example.” Leaders must model appropriate behaviors. That means leaders must demonstrate, through speech and action, how to best […]

Why Is It So Hard for Some Leaders to Be Open and Honest?

The importance of true honesty and integrity in leadership: Every organisation regardless of size, sector or competitive position in the marketplace has a set of value statements. These values always include openness, honesty and integrity. The idea is that organisations look to their leaders and employees to embody these values and display these attributes in […]

Enhance Your Skills With the Leadership Papers

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams Being regarded as a leader is not about title, charm, power, or charisma. True leaders demonstrate ability, effectiveness, responsibility, engagement, and goal achievement, while communicating effectively and acting with integrity. “Effective leadership […]

21 Podcasts for Personal & Professional Growth This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. It’s finally time to redeem the vacation days you’ve been saving up so carefully. For many people all over the world, these last couple months of the year call for special celebrations. Whether it’s for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or just wanting to take a break at the end […]

3 Reasons Why Great Leaders Are So Important in Business Today

Workplaces are changing, right in front of us. Unhappy employees, generational influences, and the booming global economy are putting huge stresses on organizations to retain talented employees. Employees are unhappy. 83% of employees want to leave their jobs, according to a 2018 talent intelligence survey completed by Harris Interactive and Solving the Talent Crisis […]

Recognition: The Six Principles of Being a Grateful Leader

How do you incentivize people to do a good job? How do you keep them motivated? It would be nice if incentivization were simple, but it’s not. What motivates people is one of the biggest questions of leadership. There are no straightforward answers because human beings are complex. Getting them to ‘do stuff,’ especially stuff […]

The Cost of Toxic Players in Your Organization

We’ve all seen toxic players in our organizations over the years – players who demean, discount, and dismiss others at every turn. Some toxic players behave even worse – they lie, cheat, and steal. Toxic players can be found in the ranks of senior leaders, hourly employees, and everywhere in between. The research on the […]

Understanding Leadership

Leadership: A tool to achieve success –  What is leadership? Webster’s Dictionary defines leadershipi as: The power or ability to lead other people. This traditional definition of leadership is connected to an outdated understanding of what it means to lead. To many, leadership is tied to power, and powerful leaders win at all costs. This […]