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An internationally recognised speaker, entrepreneur, leadership expert, coach and thought leader. Having over 20 years experience in human resource management and organisational development, Sonia shares her leadership wisdom and knowledge in her highly sought after book, Leadership Attitude.

Stepping Up As a Business Leader to Get Your Message Heard

How to communicate your business goals more effectively: You might think that being the leader within a business means that you’ll always be listened to without question, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many distractions in this digital age; content and information are readily available through social media, text messages, […]

How Courageous Conversations Make You a More Resilient Leader

Why improving leadership communication skills for maximum impact during difficult conversations makes you a better a leader:  You’ve probably heard the term ‘Courageous Conversations’ in your business circles, and you may be wondering just what this phrase means, and how Courageous Conversations can help you improve your leadership. A Courageous Conversation is, essentially, when you […]

Future Leadership – Globe’s Most Critical Issue?

Is the development and focus on our Future Leaders the globe’s most critical challenge? I know this might seem to be an interesting question to ask and yes there are many key issues and challenges across the world today. Many of which are fundamentally essential to our globe. Last year the World Economic Forum stated […]

100 Years Away From Gender Equality in the C-Suite

Various studies have long shown that women are underrepresented in top leadership roles in business, academia, government and NFP organisations the world over. A 2015 study conducted by the non-profit LeanIn organisation, in conjunction with McKinsey & Company, looked at the roles women fill in hundreds of top companies in corporate America, and found that they […]

5 Cases When You Should NOT Be a Leader

In a world where leadership is one of the most important roles to be undertaken, it is essential that employees and employers be realistic when it comes to appointing a leader. We are well past the days of starting work in the mail room and working your way up to CEO, winning the job purely […]

Leadership Attitude – Changing Yourself, Changing the World

I have recently published my first book and it is called “Leadership Attitude: How Mindset and Action Can Change Your World.” I am pleased to say that it seems to have struck a chord with readers, particularly because it’s clear that leadership can be learned, and that you can create your own unique style of […]

The Complete Leadership Guide for Entrepreneurs

6 Ways Leadership Could Make You a Better Entrepreneur …  Entrepreneurs are, by their very nature, big picture people. They can clearly see, and define, the result they are after, and who’ll be affected. They know exactly where they are heading. Believe me, I am one of those entrepreneurs who can see the outcome and […]

How to Make Your Brain Your Best-Friend

You might be thinking “why would I want MY brain as my best friend?” The answer is that your brain is the closest thing you have to the perfect answer for any problems you may come across. Unfortunately, your brain can also be your biggest critic and derail you if you let it. Finding the […]

Why Richard Branson Is a Leader to Follow

What makes Richard Branson a good leader:  Not every great leader follows the same path – they tread their unique path and make their personal mark on the people around them. However all leaders worth remembering do have these same qualities; they believe in themselves, they believe in others, and they believe in their work […]

Five Lessons We’ve Learnt from Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. A veritable wizard with ideas, business, and marketing, Seth has spread his knowledge broadly through books and taped interviews, and is a master of the information age. Trying to summarise what we have learned from Seth is no small task, so here are five of his big lessons to […]