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Social Chain Goes Public! An Interview With Steve Bartlett

Steven Bartlett shares his knowledge on business growth and reveals his vision for the future of marketing. On yet another rainy day in London, I decided, after half a year of researching, to release Richtopia’s latest annual list of the 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs. Having taken a deep breath and pressed the go-live button, […]

Meet the UK’s New Kingpin of Motivational-Speaking: Brad Burton

Brad Burton opens up about his primary motivation, blueprint for success, and plans for the future. Brad Burton is a British entrepreneur and motivational speaker who founded 4Networking Limited, an international business networking company. Burton gives dozens of talks each year as a motivational speaker throughout the UK. In the past decade, Burton has released […]

British Entrepreneurs Top 100 (2019)

From Richard Branson to J.K. Rowling, these are the most influential entrepreneurs in the UK. Whether you’re a would-be entrepreneur or have spent decades being one. You could be worse-off than to read the short biographies of British entrepreneurs who have been through the journey before.  So we’ve compiled a list consisting of the top British entrepreneurs. As Seen On … Here’s what […]

The Best Thing That Having a Bad-Leader Can Teach You

There is no right way to lead, but there are countless ways to mislead. You can gain new insights from bad leaders on what not to do. According to a study by the University of Central Florida (UCF), victims of business related abuse can become effective leaders when presented with influential positions of authority by […]

Space-Exploration Top 100: From Elon Musk to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, These Are the Most Influential Leaders in Space-Exploration

Whether you’re at the forefront of space-exploration or have an interest in the topic. You could be worse-off than to read the short biographies of space-exploration insiders who have been through the journey before. So we’ve compiled a list of top people in space-exploration. It’s a list of the most influential individuals in space-exploration, particularly at being […]

Philanthropists Top 100: From Warren Buffett to Elon Musk, These Are the Most Charitable People in the World

Whether you’re a would-be philanthropist or have spent some years being one. You could be worse-off than to read the short biographies of philanthropists who have been through the journey before. So we’ve compiled a list of top philanthropists. It’s a list of the most influential philanthropists, particularly at being pro-active. If you’re an enthusiast of relevant fields including philanthropy, social enterprise or sustainable development, it is […]