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Katie Davis: An Angel in Uganda!

There are very few people that would pick up and leave the comfort of their home as well as everyone they know to travel to Uganda. Eighteen years old Katie Davis of Brentwood, Tennessee did just that in December of 2006. The inquisitive young woman felt an instant bond with the friendly people and simple […]

Are You Ready for Power Batteries That Last 365 Days?

Living in a technologically advanced world is great, but there is one thing about it that really gets on every device owner’s nerves is poor battery performance. The malls, airports, and train stations are the best demonstration of the problems with current battery technology. All of the available power plugs have people waiting in lines […]

Let’s Talk About the Whitney Museum

The new Whitney Museum building of American Art has overwhelmingly come through on a promise made thirty years ago to expand and make it more inviting to tourists. Making this possible meant moving from the previous location on the Upper East Side to a new building in the industrial district along the Hudson River. The […]

Investing in Oceanfront Real Estate: Somalia

Some of the hottest real estate investment spots are showing up in the most shocking areas of the world. One of the fastest growing markets in 2015 is an ocean-front property in Somalia. The waters of this small country might have been known for the pirate activities of a decade past, but since the activity has lessened […]

Janet Jackson: The Boss Chix and Business Mogul

If it’s one of the hottest celebrity events, Jackson’s Events & Entertainment will have their name on it. Janet has worked in the entertainment business for twenty years, hosting parties, as well as working with stars like LL Cool J, R. Kelly, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Beyoncé, and so many more. Credentials in European modelling, […]

9 Ideas from 9 Exceptional Leaders

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have learned about some brilliant ideas from 9 exceptional leaders that have changed the world from some of the greatest minds of all times. Get ready to take notes and perhaps be the next mastermind of a new era of innovation.  Bill Clinton Bill Clinton […]

Top Secret Information: What Hackers Don’t Want You to Know?

Many networks and small business operators love using wireless technology. It allows for fast and convenient connection of additional devices to any network. The problem is that the security is not as good as you might hope. You may be directed to think that the encryption with the access point makes it safe from hackers, […]

Betting on Real-Estate in Dubai

The GDP in Dubai has experienced over 4% growth in 2014, quickly outpacing both the EU and United States economy. The Dubai Economic Department expects much the same for 2015. The strength of the growth pattern in the economy can largely be attributed to the massive performance in the real-estate sector. Rental rates have ballooned […]