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Women Leaders Top 250: From Melinda Gates to Michelle Obama, These Are the Most Influential Women in the World

Top 250 Women in Leadership

Whether you’re a would-be woman-leader or have spent decades being one. You could be worse-off than to read the short biographies of female leaders who’ve been through the journey before.

So we’ve compiled a list from top women leaders. It’s a list of powerful women at being pro-active. 

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Here’s what some of them said about this list:

Our women leaders list is an automatic algorithm based on social media influence, Klout scores and a secret recipe. We take into account various metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram. The list gets updated each Wednesday. If you believe you can arise a creative impulse in people (or you know a business leader who can), you can add yourself by clicking the ‘join’ button below. All entries are considered by our admins, and Richtopia reserves the right to accept or forbid people from the list as it deems fit.

Rank Woman Leader Klout Power Score


Hillary Clinton Profile Image Hillary Clinton
Wife, mom, grandma, women+kids advocate, FLOTUS, Senator, SecState, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate. Tweets from Hillary signed –H
95 100


Yoko Ono Profile Image Yoko Ono
91 100


J.K. Rowling Profile Image J.K. Rowling
90 99


Oprah Winfrey Profile Image Oprah Winfrey
90 99


Nancy Pelosi Profile Image Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Leader, focused on strengthening America's middle class and creating jobs; mother, grandmother, dark chocolate connoisseur.
89 98


Elizabeth Warren Profile Image Elizabeth Warren
United States Senator from Massachusetts
89 98


Michelle Obama Profile Image Michelle Obama
This account is run by Organizing for Action staff. Tweets from the First Lady are signed -mo.
89 98


Maria Shriver Profile Image Maria Shriver
A mom who's proud of her children. A communicator and convener. My mission: to inform, inspire & ignite people to impact their world as #ArchitectsofChange.
88 97


Dilma Rousseff Profile Image Dilma Rousseff
Twitter de Dilma Rousseff, presidenta do Brasil
88 97


Julia Gillard Profile Image Julia Gillard
Official Twitter account of the 27th Prime Minister of Australia. Tweets by Julia are signed JG.
87 96


Helen Clark Profile Image Helen Clark
I'm Administrator @UNDP and former Prime Minister of #NewZealand, passionate about human #development world-wide.
87 96


Katie Couric Profile Image Katie Couric
Likes: Coffee everything, Ellie, Carrie, JPMs, NYC, the beach, burrata & bacon. Dislikes: You know who you are. @YahooNews Global Anchor. http://t.co/CIgzQi5eYs
87 96


Arianna Huffington Profile Image Arianna Huffington
mother, sister, flat shoe advocate, sleep evangelist. author of THE #SLEEPREVOLUTION, out now.
87 95


Emma Watson Profile Image Emma Watson
British actress, Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women
86 95


Shonda Rhimes Profile Image Shonda Rhimes
I make stuff up for a living. It's not real, okay? Don't tweet me your craziness. TED Talk: https://t.co/5umN1SrWYs Order #theyearofyes: https://t.co/OGbnBTWb2M
86 94


Kirsten Gillibrand Profile Image Kirsten Gillibrand
U.S. Senator from New York
85 94


Gloria Steinem Profile Image Gloria Steinem
Gloria Steinem, author and feminist activist. http://t.co/AijqlApzCk
85 94


Anne Hidalgo Profile Image Anne Hidalgo
Maire de #Paris
85 93


Tory Burch Profile Image Tory Burch
Tory Burch is an American lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of CEO and designer Tory Burch. Follow us on snapchat: toryburchlive
85 93


Nicola Sturgeon Profile Image Nicola Sturgeon
First Minister of Scotland, @theSNP Leader and MSP for Glasgow Southside.
85 92


Christiane Amanpour Profile Image Christiane Amanpour
@CNN Chief International Correspondent and host of @CNNi's nightly global affairs program. Catch it all at http://t.co/BRbf0raeer
85 92


Marissa Mayer Profile Image Marissa Mayer
@ Yahoo!
85 92


Helen Zille Profile Image Helen Zille
Western Cape Premier and Former Leader of South Africa's Official Opposition Party: The Democratic Alliance (@Our_DA)
84 91


Marsha Collier Profile Image Marsha Collier
Author 48 books: Social Media Commerce, eBay, Online Customer Service. Forbes Top 10, Futurist, Founder #CustServ chat, #techradio tech podcast. StarTrek nerd
84 91


Marine Le Pen Profile Image Marine Le Pen
Présidente du @FN_officiel | Coprésidente du groupe #ENL au Parlement européen
83 90


Christine Lagarde Profile Image Christine Lagarde
Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Also follow @IMFNews.
83 90


Melinda Gates Profile Image Melinda Gates
Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, businesswoman, and mother. Dedicated to helping all people lead healthy, productive lives.
83 90


Robin Roberts Profile Image Robin Roberts
Good Morning America Anchor
83 89


Patricia Arquette Profile Image Patricia Arquette
Official Twitter for Patricia Arquette. Actress • Activist • Troublemaker Fighting for fair pay and passage of The Equal Rights Amendment!
83 89


Keiko Fujimori Profile Image Keiko Fujimori
Fundadora y Presidenta de @PFuerzaPopular
83 88


Sarah Lacy Profile Image Sarah Lacy
I'm the founder of Pando
83 88


Sheryl Sandberg Profile Image Sheryl Sandberg
Facebook, mother of 2, wife of awesome guy, friend to many great women
83 88


Lauren Conrad Profile Image Lauren Conrad
Designer of Paper Crown, LC Lauren Conrad and XO Eco, Author, Co founder of http://t.co/SfFBQcq4z4
82 87


Susan Rice Profile Image Susan Rice
@WhiteHouse National Security Advisor, former @USUN Ambassador, Mom. Tweets may be archived. More at http://t.co/yQRinzKGnZ.
82 87


Gwen Ifill Profile Image Gwen Ifill
also https://t.co/MskE8S2cZY
82 86


Esther Dyson Profile Image Esther Dyson
Internet court jEsther -- I occupy Esther Dyson. Founder @HICCup_co https://t.co/5dWfUSratQ http://t.co/a1Gmo3FTQv
82 86


Cristina Kirchner Profile Image Cristina Kirchner
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, militante peronista, ex Presidenta de la Nación Argentina. En facebook: https://t.co/nipyQap4ny
82 86


Park Geun Hye Profile Image Park Geun Hye
대한민국 18대 대통령 박근혜의 공식 트위터입니다.
82 85


Nina Garcia Profile Image Nina Garcia
On SNAPCHAT imninagarcia / Official Account - Nina Garcia, Marie Claire Creative Director & Project Runway Judge - Twitter Oficial de Nina Garcia
82 85


María Corina Machado Profile Image María Corina Machado
Venezolana / Coordinadora de Vente Venezuela
82 84


Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Profile Image Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon, India's largest Biotechnology company
82 84


Gayle King Profile Image Gayle King
Co-host of @CBSThisMorning and Editor at Large of O, The Oprah Magazine.
82 84


Anne-Marie Slaughter Profile Image Anne-Marie Slaughter
President & CEO, @newamerica. Former Princeton Prof & Director of Policy Planning, U.S. State Dept. Mother. Mentor. Foodie. Author. Foreign policy curator.
81 83


Meg Whitman Profile Image Meg Whitman
81 83


Caterina Fake Profile Image Caterina Fake
Founder, Findery. Cofounder of Kahvila Siili, Sesat School, Hunch, Flickr. Travel, Sundance, homeschooling, entrepreneurship, art, poetry, film, literature.
81 82


Ann Curry Profile Image Ann Curry
Journalism is an act of faith in the future.
81 82


Christy Turlington Profile Image Christy Turlington
Mom, Wife, Daughter, Yogi, Marathoner, Founder @everymomcounts, Author, Living Yoga: Creating A Life Practice, Model. I tweet about Global Maternal Health
80 82


Sofia Vergara Profile Image Sofia Vergara
Modern Family!
80 81


Jean Chatzky Profile Image Jean Chatzky
Financial Editor for @NBC's @TODAYshow. Host of HerMoney with Jean Chatzky, #HerMoneyPodcast. I tweet money tips, occasional recipes and Bachelor commentary.
80 81


Susan Wojcicki Profile Image Susan Wojcicki
YouTube CEO
80 80


Nuria Piera Profile Image Nuria Piera
Periodista de investigación.
80 80


Maria Popova Profile Image Maria Popova
Reader/writer. Founder of @brainpickings. MIT Fellow.
80 80


Marina Silva Profile Image Marina Silva
Sou professora de História, concorri à Presidência em 2014 pelo PSB-Rede-PPS-PPL-PHS-PRP. Fui ministra do Meio Ambiente (2003-2008) e senadora (1995-2011)
79 79


Caroline Lucas Profile Image Caroline Lucas
MP for Brighton Pavilion; Former Leader of the Green Party; Mum
79 79


Greta Van Susteren Profile Image Greta Van Susteren
HOST of ON THE RECORD at 7pm eastern / FOX NEWS CHANNEL and retweets are just retweets...a retweet does not mean I agree or disagree....I am merely retweeting
79 78


Jessica Northey Profile Image Jessica Northey
Social Media bit slinger. Speaks fluent Hashtag, Movie quotes & Snarkasm. Creator Country Music's #CMchat #Tucson Sales/PR/Promo https://t.co/VEp2VQaq9l
79 78


Miriam Santiago Profile Image Miriam Santiago
Philippine senator. Laureate of the Magsaysay Award for government service. Eats death threats for breakfast.
79 78


Leila C. Janah Profile Image Leila C. Janah
Building Sama (@SamaImpact) and LXMI (@LXMIofficial). Director @CARE. Also: paragliding, kitesurfing, and exploring. #Adventurette #imwithher
79 77


Sushma Swaraj Profile Image Sushma Swaraj
Minister of External affairs
79 77


AG Loretta Lynch Profile Image AG Loretta Lynch
North Carolinian, Brooklynite, Frmr @EDNYnews US Atty, & 83rd Attorney General of @theJusticeDept. Official DOJ Acct. Privacy policy: http://t.co/QEPrgjIwQq
78 76


Lara Setrakian Profile Image Lara Setrakian
Foreign Correspondent. WEF YGL. Co-Founder and CEO of @NewsDeeply (makers of @SyriaDeeply, @WaterDeeply, @ArcticDeeply, @RefugeesDeeply).
78 76


Angela Ahrendts Profile Image Angela Ahrendts
Senior Vice President, Apple Retail. Inspired by great people, great brands and great companies.
78 76


Chelsea Clinton Profile Image Chelsea Clinton
Mom, Wife, Author #ItsYourWorld, Vice-Chair/Champion of all things @ClintonFdn, @ClintonHealth, New Yorker
78 75


Nancy Duarte Profile Image Nancy Duarte
CEO and author. Passionate about persuasion and visual stories used in business. Love hugs from hubby, 3 kids and grandoggies
78 75


Ana Pastor Profile Image Ana Pastor
78 74


Kerry O'Shea Gorgone Profile Image Kerry O'Shea Gorgone
Speaker, Lawyer, Writer, Podcaster. Sr. Mgr. at @MarketingProfs. Write for Social Media Explorer, Huffington Post, Spin Sucks, {grow} blog, Mack Collier & more.
77 74


Mary Barra Profile Image Mary Barra
Chairman and CEO of @GM. Working with an outstanding team to redefine the future of personal mobility. Engineer, STEM education supporter, Camaro enthusiast.
77 74


Barbara Bermudo Profile Image Barbara Bermudo
Periodista y presentadora de noticias en Primer Impacto. Empresaria Cami by Barbara Bermudo, 4 Hair by Barbara Bermudo.
77 73


Diane Abbott Profile Image Diane Abbott
Labour Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington. Shadow Secretary of State for Health. Retweeting does not mean agreement.
74 73


Federica Mogherini Profile Image Federica Mogherini
High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Vice President of the EU Commission
74 72


Katrina VandenHeuvel Profile Image Katrina VandenHeuvel
The Nation magazine Editor and Publisher
74 72


Elif Şafak Profile Image Elif Şafak
Yazar/Author, Storyteller https://t.co/iCGUj1qWWE Elif Şafak resmi twitter sayfası / official account
74 72


Samantha Power Profile Image Samantha Power
United States Ambassador to the United Nations, mother, human rights defender, teacher, writer, and member of #RedSoxNation.
74 71


Martha Debayle Profile Image Martha Debayle
Founder Media Marketing Knowledge Group, Radio Host W Radio and many other things.
73 71


Ann Tran Profile Image Ann Tran
Branding & marketing strategist with a strong #SM presence. Forbes Top 10. https://t.co/ZCrz3U78Ka l #LuxuryTravel #travel writer-Public speaker https://t.co/26IpgKNjn1
73 70


Ann Handley Profile Image Ann Handley
Head of Content at MarketingProfs; author of the WSJ bestseller, Everybody Writes. I'm waging a war on mediocrity in content marketing. https://t.co/naKDAccqy0
73 70


Rachelsklar Profile Image Rachelsklar
Media addict on the loose. Media/Feminism/Showtunes. Founder #ChangeTheRatio & @TheList. Former lawyer, lifelong Canadian, single mom. Bring it.
73 70


Beth Kanter Profile Image Beth Kanter
Let's talk about networks, data, self-care, & social media for nonprofit learning & impact. #nptech Instructional designer, trainer, walker, & magic markers!
73 69


Jennifer L. Pozner Profile Image Jennifer L. Pozner
Media critic. Public speaker. Anti-racist feminist. Founder/ED, Women In Media &News. Author, Reality Bites Back http://t.co/NxVkVPtBGt Comedy nerd
73 69


Smriti Z Irani Profile Image Smriti Z Irani
Union Cabinet Minister of Textiles, Government of India. Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha representing the state of Gujarat.
72 68


Cecile Richards Profile Image Cecile Richards
Runner, baker, traveler, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (@PPFA) & Planned Parenthood Action Fund (@PPact).
72 68


Lucy P. Marcus Profile Image Lucy P. Marcus
CEO, board director; Project Syndicate columnist, host Reuters “In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus” IE Biz School Prof https://t.co/hq877Bwir2
71 68


Merry Riana Profile Image Merry Riana
Instagram: @MerryRiana | Periscope: @MerryRiana | Facebook: InspirationByMerryRiana | Email: admin@merryriana.com
71 67


Oby Ezekwesili Profile Image Oby Ezekwesili
A fiercely passionate believer in the public good of nations, serving before leading. Validated by God & my Dad who taught me to never dignify nonsense .
71 67


Natalie Bennett Profile Image Natalie Bennett
Leader of @TheGreenParty of England and Wales. #VoteGreen2016 #GreenerIN Follows aren't an endorsement.
71 66


Patricia Janiot Profile Image Patricia Janiot
Conductora Principal de CNN en Español. Nuestra cita es en Panorama Mundial de lunes a viernes a las 7pm EST. http://t.co/WygSIBHNru
70 66


Kelly Hoey Profile Image Kelly Hoey
Author of the forthcoming book Build Your Dream Network Jan 2017 @TarcherPerigee https://t.co/v2M1Ku4flk
70 66


Davina McCall Profile Image Davina McCall
Wife,mother,friend and tv presenter,
70 65


N. Kosciusko-Morizet Profile Image N. Kosciusko-Morizet
Candidate à la primaire ouverte pour l'alternance. Présidente @Republicains_75 au #ConseildeParis. Députée. Pour suivre ma campagne : @EquipeNKM
70 65


Nazli Ilicak Profile Image Nazli Ilicak
Özgür Düşünce rt ettiklerim kendi düşüncelerim değil. Bigi verme amaçlıdır.
69 64


Bianca Jagger Profile Image Bianca Jagger
Bianca Jagger: President and Chief Executive of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation. Comments made here are my personal views.
69 64


Aseefa B Zardari Profile Image Aseefa B Zardari
Proud daughter of SM Benazir Bhutto. #PolioFreePakistan,GlobalCitizen&Rights activist-human&animal,TV addict.MSc @UCLGlobalHealth . PhD Harry Potter- Hogwarts
69 64


Sayeeda Warsi Profile Image Sayeeda Warsi
Member @UKHouseofLords Pro Vice Ch @BoltonUni Visiting Prof @YourStMarys Conservative Party Chairman 2010-12 Foreign Minister 2012-14 Cars, Cricket & Cooking
69 63


Thuli Madonsela Profile Image Thuli Madonsela
Public Protector South Africa Advocate of the High Court of SA.Chairperson African Ombudsman Research Centre & WEF Global Agenda Council Member
69 63


Hilal Kaplan Profile Image Hilal Kaplan
Ne çok acı var.
69 62


Míriam Leitao Profile Image Míriam Leitao
Jornalista, colunista de O Globo, comentarista da TV Globo, Globonews e CBN, escritora, autora do best-seller Saga Brasileira
69 62


Piedad Córdoba Ruiz Profile Image Piedad Córdoba Ruiz
Exsenadora, defensora DDHH, miembro @colombianospaz y @PoderCiudadanos - La paz en Colombia no tiene reversa y la lograremos pacíficamente.
69 62


Tracy Chou Profile Image Tracy Chou
tbd. most recently (!!) @pinterest engineer. @usds reserve. @homebrew advisor. previously @quora, @stanford. i turn coffee into code. i like yoga and running.
69 61


Rocío San Miguel Profile Image Rocío San Miguel
Venezolana. Presidente de Control Ciudadano para la Seguridad, la Defensa y la Fuerza Armada Nacional @ovesede Abogado. Defensora de DDHH
69 61


Kare Anderson Profile Image Kare Anderson
TED speaker (over 1.9 million views) Become Opportunity Maker, Emmy-winner Forbes+HuffPo Mutuality Matters https://t.co/5ydIKJgBQy https://t.co/NThoXr6opl
68 60


Dawn French Profile Image Dawn French
Official Twotting account for actress, author , nosey parker and giddy eejit, Dawny McFrenchface.
68 60


Jane McGonigal Profile Image Jane McGonigal
*The opposite of play isn't work. It's depression.* Get my new book SUPERBETTER! (it's powered by the science of games.) http://t.co/tN8dShLIIW
68 60


Priya Gupta Profile Image Priya Gupta
68 59


Harriet Harman Profile Image Harriet Harman
Labour Member of Parliament for Camberwell & Peckham.
68 59


Ibéyise Pacheco Profile Image Ibéyise Pacheco
Periodista y escritora venezolana. Ciudadana de la libertad.
67 58


Delsa Solorzano Profile Image Delsa Solorzano
Venezolana.Diputada a la Asamblea Nacional por Miranda. Pdte Comisión de Política Interior. Abogado.Vicepdte nacional @partidoUNT. Miembro de la MUD. DDHH
67 58


Ingrid Vanderveldt Profile Image Ingrid Vanderveldt
iV. Founder @EBW2020, Empowering a Billion Women by 2020. 1st Entrepreneur-in-Residence @Dell. TV Show Host. Entrepreneur. Investor. Motorcycle Racer. Skydiver.
67 58


Farah Khan Ali Profile Image Farah Khan Ali
Jewellery Designer, Farah Khan Jewellery Brand. Committed working professional passionate about what I do. Hate divisive forces, love Unity. Live & let live
67 57


Patricia Kogut Profile Image Patricia Kogut
O Globo no Twitter - Acompanhe as atualizações do site da colunista Patrícia Kogut e troque ideias sobre televisão
66 57


Nadine Heredia Profile Image Nadine Heredia
Orgullosa Mamá. Activista de las Políticas y Reformas del Gobierno Nacionalista de Ollanta Humala. https://t.co/plCQbDA3yB
66 56


Katie Stanton Profile Image Katie Stanton
Mom of 3 kids & @tacopuppy. CMO of @ColorGenomics. Proud alum of @Twitter, @WhiteHouse, @Google, @Yahoo. Board Member of @Vivendi. Founding Partner of #Angels.
66 56


Anupama Chopra Profile Image Anupama Chopra
Film Critic, journalist, author. Founder and editor of @Filmcompanion. You can find my reviews, interviews and recommendations on https://t.co/fAOlXkM4My
66 56


Emily Chang Profile Image Emily Chang
Mom. Wife. Host of @BloombergWest, a daily show about tech & innovation + Studio 1.0, interviews with influencers you need to know.
66 55


Ezgi Basaran Profile Image Ezgi Basaran
Journalist, based in Istanbul and St Antony's College, Oxford University, ezgi.basaran@gmail.com / ezgi.basarankarli@sant.ox.ac.uk
66 55


Margaret Molloy Profile Image Margaret Molloy
Global CMO @SiegelGale | Irish in NYC | Marketing, Branding, Fashion
66 54


Маргарита Симоньян Profile Image Маргарита Симоньян
Главный редактор RT.
66 54


Nurul Izzah Profile Image Nurul Izzah
M.P. of Lembah Pantai & Vice President of multiracial KEADILAN. Proud & busy mom of busy bees: Saffster and Harith
66 54


Celia Sawyer Profile Image Celia Sawyer
Business Woman,Interior Designer, Philanthropist,Mentor,TV Four Rooms Ch4 & BBC1Your Home in Their Hands,columnist for Mailonline,Hello! mag&Huffington Post
66 53


Selin Girit Profile Image Selin Girit
Journalist at BBC. Theatre enthusiast. Rock music fan. Views my own. RTs not endorsement https://t.co/Fi7siK9LNA https://t.co/pkN3uPRbMu https://t.co/JBUfHCWOTW
66 53


Tina Brown Profile Image Tina Brown
President & CEO, Tina Brown Live Media / Founder, @WomenintheWorld
66 52


Fatma ŞAhin Profile Image Fatma ŞAhin
Gaziantep Büyükşehir Belediye Başkanı Fatma Şahin'in resmi Twitter hesabıdır. Official Twitter Account.
65 52


Katy Keim Profile Image Katy Keim
Lithium CMO, Book Passionista and blogger, Midwesterner and Irreverent soul.
65 52


Deirdre Breakenridge Profile Image Deirdre Breakenridge
CEO of Pure Performance Communications, speaker, author of Social Media and Public Relations & PR 2.0, adjunct professor & co-founder of #PRStudChat.
65 51


Ana Maria Braga Profile Image Ana Maria Braga
Apresentadora do programa Mais Você, mãe duas vezes e avó de três anjinhos. Insta: anamaria16 Face: Ana Maria Braga ;)
65 51


Nilofer Merchant Profile Image Nilofer Merchant
The Future is not created, it's co-created. Winner @Thinkers50 Future Thinker Award. TED2013 Speaker. @HarvardBiz @timeinc writer. 2xAuthor #SocialEra.
65 50


Shama Junejo Profile Image Shama Junejo
A #Feminist #PoliticalScientist, #PhDPolitics Researcher #Mediator #Writer, #Columnist @ #Khabrain #HuffPost Analyst #VOA, MA @SOAS LLBHons @LondonU MA #IR
65 50


Ameerah AltaweeL Profile Image Ameerah AltaweeL
Special @perkinsvision Ambassador to the world @tasamysa Chairwoman @TimeEntSA Founder & CEO يجب أن تكون أنت التغيير الذي تريد أن تراه في العالم
65 50


Sarah Perez Profile Image Sarah Perez
Writer at TechCrunch. Email: sarahp@techcrunch.com / Mailing & More: https://t.co/rPDJ3KQRhy
65 49


Dee Lestari Profile Image Dee Lestari
Author, singer-songwriter, occasional buzzer, professional daydreamer. My curiosity could kill a T-Rex. E-mail: dee(at)deelestari(dot)com.
64 49


Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Profile Image Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is Senior Advisor @LazardLtd; Board Chair @Gavi; Board Member @ARCapacity & former Nigerian Minister of Finance
64 48


Tawakkol Karman Profile Image Tawakkol Karman
NOBEL PEACE PRIZE LAUREATE الحائزة على جائزة نوبل للسلام. ولابد لليل أن ينجلي .. ولابد للقيد أن ينكسر. You are not to impose any chains on my Freedom!!
64 48


Christine Perkett Profile Image Christine Perkett
Founder, CEO @SeeDepthInc - #PR analytics software & @PerkettPR (since '98). Blog @FedEx @Forbes. Digital Media faculty @NortheasternCPS; @RAINN01 speaker; Mom
64 48


Josefina Vázquez Mota Profile Image Josefina Vázquez Mota
Mexicana que lucha por un mejor país. #JuntosPodemos https://t.co/jjdg4NjS6e
64 47


Nisha Chittal Profile Image Nisha Chittal
journalist & social @nbcnews & @msnbc | Forbes #30Under30 2016 | https://t.co/uQ8f1fvxXA | Insta: nishachittal | Snap: nchittal | RTs not endorsements, etc
64 47


Ксения Собчак Profile Image Ксения Собчак
телеведущая, журналист,общественный деятель. Концертный директор Табриз Шахиди: +79852267676, pr@tabriz.ru\ Личный ассистент: +79037229745 Ирина
64 46


Jacki Zehner Profile Image Jacki Zehner
My passion? The advancement of women and girls - Blogger, Speaker, Consultant, Funder, CEO Women Moving Millions, Former Goldman Sachs Partner
64 46


Gini Dietrich Profile Image Gini Dietrich
CEO Arment Dietrich. Author @spinsucks, blog and book. Co-author Marketing in the Round. Speaker. Avid cyclist. A foodie. Loves shoes & wine.
64 46


Sevgi Akarçeşme Profile Image Sevgi Akarçeşme
Gazeteci. İstanbullu Kayyım mağduru Today's Zaman eski GYY. For English tweets: @SevgiAkarcesme
64 45


 Profile Image
64 45


Grace Bonney Profile Image Grace Bonney
Founder of Design*Sponge, Host of After the Jump. New Book: In The Company of Women Fall 2016, Artisan | IG: @designsponge
64 44


Tatyana Kanzaveli Profile Image Tatyana Kanzaveli
Investor, Entrepreneur, CEO https://t.co/GG65HZTqyi, TEDxBayArea organizer, creative thinker who likes technologies,cooking,hiking chess,arts,good people&wine!
63 44


Stacey Hanke Profile Image Stacey Hanke
Communications & Influence Expert | Executive Coach & Mentor | Keynote Speaker | New York Times | TEDx Speaker
63 44


Ekaterina Walter Profile Image Ekaterina Walter
@Sprinklr Evangelist | Author: WSJ bestseller Think Like Zuck | Co-author: The Power of Visual Storytelling | International Speaker | I tweet w/European accent
63 43


Bethcomstock Profile Image Bethcomstock
A curious and collaborative leader focused on GE’s growth and market innovation. Intrigued by ideas at the intersection of design and technology.
63 43


Yvonne Nelson Profile Image Yvonne Nelson
Actress / YNProductions | in it to make history | email - yn.ation@icloud.com.
63 42


Carolina Urrejola Profile Image Carolina Urrejola
Periodista. Conductora del programa Siempre Es Hoy en Tele13Radio y del noticiero Tele13Tarde en Canal 13 TV.
63 42


Sue Black Profile Image Sue Black
TOP 10 #WomenInTech | TV #girlscancode | Hon Prof in Comp Sci @UCL | Author @SavingBletchley | Founder @techmumsHQ + @BCSWomen | Agents @NoelGay19 + @TobyMundy
63 42


Marvi Memon Profile Image Marvi Memon
Committed to the soil for life, (Minister of State/ Chairperson Benazir Income Support Program, Pakistan's largest social safety net)
63 41


Fatima Bhutto Profile Image Fatima Bhutto
'My loathings are simple: stupidity, oppression, crime, cruelty, soft music' Vladimir Nabokov
63 41


Julie Cottineau Profile Image Julie Cottineau
My business is branding. I teach you how to improve yours https://t.co/kOCUFOn9I7 Former VP Brand at @Virgin, entrepreneur, author of https://t.co/2uCUc7H5sl
63 40


Ruthreichl Profile Image Ruthreichl
Writer. Eater. Cook. Former Gourmet editor.
63 40


Karen Wickre Profile Image Karen Wickre
Veteran word wrangler, ex @twitter, @google. Media obsessive, Internet lover. Art & dog enthusiast. Board @ICFJ, @TheNewsLP. Friend of #newsgeist, TED. ISFJ.
62 40


Ayse Arman Profile Image Ayse Arman
62 39


Banu Guven Profile Image Banu Guven
gazeteci - journalist
62 39


He Qinglian Profile Image He Qinglian
2001年辞国,现居美国。著作有《人口:中国的悬剑》《现代化的陷阱》《雾锁中国》等。 提醒各位推友注意:除这个号之外,我没有任何小号,无论是用本名出现的还是其他名字出现的。
62 38


Gaby Vargas Profile Image Gaby Vargas
Comunicadora, apasionada por la vida. Autora de 15 best sellers. HeartMath Certified Trainer. Enneagram Certified Coach. Co-fundadora de Fundación Marillac AC.
62 38


Fatima Bernardes Profile Image Fatima Bernardes
Uma apresentadora jornalista. Uma jornalista apresentadora. No passado e nas horas vagas, tb bailarina.
62 38


Öznur ÇAlık Profile Image Öznur ÇAlık
AK Parti Genel Başkan Yardımcısı - Sosyal Politikalar Başkanı - Malatya Milletvekili-TBMM Nüfus ve Kalkınma Grubu Başkanı
62 37


Deniz ÜLke Arıboğan Profile Image Deniz ÜLke Arıboğan
Prof. , İstanbul Üniversitesi Siyasal Bilgiler Fakültesi ; Senior Fellow at University of Oxford CRIC (Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict)
62 37


འོད་ཟེར། 唯色 Profile Image འོད་ཟེར། 唯色
62 36


Jacqueline Novogratz Profile Image Jacqueline Novogratz
Founder/CEO of @acumen to find solutions to poverty & build dignity. Author of The Blue Sweater, lover of poetry, believer in possibility.
62 36


Jessica Lessin Profile Image Jessica Lessin
I am the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Information. Thanks for following!
62 36


Joselyn Dumas Profile Image Joselyn Dumas
Apple of God's eye || Talk Show Host || Multiple award winning entertainment entrepreneur||Actress,Ghana || Brand Ambassador,Evoque(Range Rover)Ghana,Jobberman.
62 35


勝間 和代 Profile Image 勝間 和代
62 35


Susan McPherson Profile Image Susan McPherson
Passionate connector who believes biz can be a force for good in the world. Refugee Supporter. Angel Investor. Writer. Doer. Philanthropist. Pup Lover.
61 34


مستغانمي أحلام Profile Image مستغانمي أحلام
.الحساب الرسمي http://t.co/y9k99TwcP8 http://t.co/STfMidN2kL
61 34


Abike Dabiri-Erewa Profile Image Abike Dabiri-Erewa
3 term member; Nigerian House of Reps (2003-2015). SSA to the President on Foreign Relations & Diaspora. Renowned journalist, philanthropist, wife & mother.
61 34


Ece Erken Profile Image Ece Erken
Ece Erken'in resmi Twitter hesabı. Official Twitter account of Ece Erken. Sunucu. TV Presenter. https://t.co/z8ZYWrzSxN İletişim: info@eceerken.com.tr
61 33


Balçiçek İLter Profile Image Balçiçek İLter
Gazeteci / journalist
61 33


Yingluck Shinawatra Profile Image Yingluck Shinawatra
61 32


Charlene Li Profile Image Charlene Li
Helping leaders thrive with disruption as a Principal Analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet Company. Author, Engaged Leader & Open Leadership, Co-Author Groundswell
61 32


Rosabeth Moss Kanter Profile Image Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Harvard Business School prof, chairs Harvard Advanced Leadership, inspires/leads change, new book MOVE: Putting America’s Infrastructure Back in the Lead
61 32


Şafak Pavey Profile Image Şafak Pavey
61 31


Rahşan Gülşan Profile Image Rahşan Gülşan
Ben işte, bildiğiniz, sıradan, ölümlü...
61 31


Rita Gunther McGrath Profile Image Rita Gunther McGrath
Strategy & Innovation expert. Columbia Business School Professor. Top 10 business thinker & #1 in Strategy. Author of best-selling End of Competitive Advantage.
60 30


Kelly McGonigal Profile Image Kelly McGonigal
Psychologist and author of The Willpower Instinct, now embracing stress: http://t.co/vZQCtfRx2f
60 30


김진 애 Profile Image 김진 애
사람은 테마, 공간은 그릇, 정치란 인생에 대한 것-도시건축가-(사)인간도시컨센서스 공동대표-인생을 바꾸는 건축수업-한번은 독해져라-왜 공부하는가
60 30


Padmasree Profile Image Padmasree
CEO @NextEV USA. Also love art, photography, Haiku and food :) Passionate about helping women in tech
60 29


Alice Korngold Profile Image Alice Korngold
Author,A Better World,Inc:How Co.s Profit by Solving Global Probs https://t.co/eIq4hTlaFj Leveraging Good Will https://t.co/6exRpa7HO8 #CorpGov #ESG #Innovation
60 29


Natalie Petouhoff Profile Image Natalie Petouhoff
Power List of top 20 Analysts in the World; One of 250 Top Most Influential Women, Top Social Media, #Custserv & CRM Professionals; Constellation Research
60 28


Lauren Bohn Profile Image Lauren Bohn
Enthusiast, @GroundTruth Middle East correspondent, Co-founder @FPInterrupted + #SchoolCycle, #Egypt Fulbrighter, foodie, nerd. Love: Vinyasa, notebks, bulldogs
60 28


Yvonne Okoro Profile Image Yvonne Okoro
An Actress,Entrepreneur,Philanthropist and a Writer...Need I brag Moreee.Contact-info@desamour.com.watch movies on https://t.co/6yW2SbDBdo
60 28


Alison Vidotto Profile Image Alison Vidotto
Leadership Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Award winning Author. CEO Vidotto Group, Founder ACCV
59 27


Megan Smith Profile Image Megan Smith
U.S. Chief Technology Officer with the @WhiteHouseOSTP. Tweets may be archived. More at http://t.co/jiFvtpikvR.
59 27


Hannah Yeoh Profile Image Hannah Yeoh
Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly. ADUN for Subang Jaya since 2008. Lives for God. Ram's wife. Mommy to Shay Adora & Kayleigh Imani.
59 26


Renata Ceribelli Profile Image Renata Ceribelli
Tv Globo - Programa Fantástico instagram:renataceribelli Facebook: https://t.co/VGa11L2Xti
58 26


Laurie David Profile Image Laurie David
Exec producer Fed UP (@fedupmovie), An Inconvenient Truth, author of The Family Cooks & The Family Dinner (@famcooks). Every day something makes me crazy.
58 26


Lauriemccabe Profile Image Lauriemccabe
IT analyst; Co-founder, SMB Group. Passionate about helping SMBs and entrepreneurs apply tech solutions to grow their businesses!
57 25


Kathy Savitt Profile Image Kathy Savitt
Dreamer, inventor, mother, founder, Alaska Air Group Board member, BFF, wife, sister, feminist, humanist and aspiring optimist.
57 25


Анфиса Чехова Profile Image Анфиса Чехова
TV presenter, actress.
57 24


Zainab Salbi Profile Image Zainab Salbi
Its just me.
57 24


Laura Fitton Profile Image Laura Fitton
Inbound Evangelist, @HubSpot. priors include CEO/Founder @oneforty author @Dummies. makes things happen from scratch. homesteady.
57 24


Gameela Ismail Profile Image Gameela Ismail
Egyptian Politician/TV host
57 23


Лера Кудрявцева Profile Image Лера Кудрявцева
Все вопросы по т.Алексей+7 (929) 500-00-06 ( директор)
57 23


Clara Shih Profile Image Clara Shih
Founder & CEO @HearsaySocial. $SBUX Board. Author, Social Business Imperative; The Facebook Era. Frequent Flyer.
56 22


Winnie Mandela Profile Image Winnie Mandela
Tweets from Mama Winnie are signed - WM I Account managed by office staff & PR Team!
56 22


Derya Baykal Profile Image Derya Baykal
56 22


Joanne Wilson Profile Image Joanne Wilson
56 21


Jessica Livingston Profile Image Jessica Livingston
56 21


Danae Ringelmann Profile Image Danae Ringelmann
Founder of @Indiegogo - empowering people to fund what matters to them. All change-makers welcome. Your idea + our engine = our world funded.
55 20


Lisa Stone Profile Image Lisa Stone
Listening to user voices, learning as hard as I can. Entrepreneur. Co-founder, former CEO @BlogHer. On Instagram: lisalstone. On LinkedIn: lisastonew00t
55 20


Dina Kaplan Profile Image Dina Kaplan
founder of The Path
55 20


Mgorbis Profile Image Mgorbis
Institute for the Future, Author of Nature of the Future
55 19


Stephagresta Profile Image Stephagresta
Wife, mom and exec. A natural change agent and innovator, I make connections that make a difference. Learn more at http://t.co/Qfid0Xei1r.
55 19


Shiza Shahid Profile Image Shiza Shahid
I believe in empowering women and girls through business, philanthropy and innovation, cofounder and global ambassador of @MalalaFund
54 18


Levine Alison Profile Image Levine Alison
Author of NYT bestseller ON THE EDGE. Everest/7Summits/both Poles. Thayer Leader Dev. Group at West Point. My man, my dog & my country. #KeepClimbing
54 18


Jennifer Neeley Profile Image Jennifer Neeley
See official Twitter & Instagram pages for Jennifer Neeley @jenniferneeley.
54 18


Tina Seelig Profile Image Tina Seelig
Creativity & Innovation @Stanford. Author: Insight Out http://t.co/aSCBgikQh0. http://t.co/rnX8UngdYX
54 17


Elizabeth Holmes Profile Image Elizabeth Holmes
Theranos Founder and CEO
54 17


Risa Lavizzo-Mourey Profile Image Risa Lavizzo-Mourey
President @RWJF. A physician with business credentials working in philanthropy and dedicated to building a #CultureofHealth for all.
54 16


Natasha Avery Profile Image Natasha Avery
Senior Vice President, http://t.co/IepFlhUEcd Recruitment for @edelmandigital & @edelmanPR . Known to wear pink flowers whenever possible....
54 16


Lissa Rankin, MD Profile Image Lissa Rankin, MD
NY Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine, physician, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, committed to healing health care- & YOU.
53 16


Rashmi Sinha Profile Image Rashmi Sinha
Entrepreneur, designer, scientist. Founded SlideShare. Now Entrepreneur at large.
53 15


Imge Kaya Sabanci Profile Image Imge Kaya Sabanci
EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program Director, EMEIA - Ex: Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Program - Women's Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Communications
53 15


Amy Cosper Profile Image Amy Cosper
Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ducatista, runner, 'trep enthusiast
52 14


Sheikh Hasina Profile Image Sheikh Hasina
I am the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
52 14


Ana Lía Piñeyrúa Profile Image Ana Lía Piñeyrúa
Abogada. Política. Integrante del Partido Nacional en Uruguay.
52 14


Adena Friedman Profile Image Adena Friedman
President & COO @Nasdaq.
52 13


Ece Vahapoglu Profile Image Ece Vahapoglu
Author, Journalist, Wellness Trainer, TV Presenter & Master of Ceremony / Gazeteci & Yazar & Sunucu & Wellness Eğitmeni
51 13


Jennifer Aaker Profile Image Jennifer Aaker
General Atlantic Professor of Marketing, Stanford GSB. Author of The Dragonfly Effect.
51 12


Arrillaga Andreessen Profile Image Arrillaga Andreessen
Mission: to transform how we give. Founded LAAF, @StanfordPACS, SV2. Wrote Giving 2.0, teach at @StanfordBiz. Live to laugh, give, work, dance & love my @pmarca
51 12


Mirela Xhota Profile Image Mirela Xhota
Account Manager #FT- one of the world’s leading business news organisations. Intelligence|Data|Analysis via FT Analyse Africa. Views are mine, not the FT's...
51 12


Elissa Fink Profile Image Elissa Fink
CMO for Tableau Software - award-winning software for business intelligence, analytics and visualization - you won't believe your eyes
50 11


Seray Sever Profile Image Seray Sever
Bogazici Universitesi Ekonomi Bolumu, Venus, Jupiter . Instagram seraysever
50 11


Emily Chang Profile Image Emily Chang
Principal scientist + creative director @Adobe. Designer + co-founder @Ideacodes. Surfer, minimalist, modernist. Likes robots + oceans. Married to @maxkiesler.
50 10


Angela Benton Profile Image Angela Benton
Changing the status quo up: CEO'ing @NewMEAccel @BlackWeb20
50 10


Karima Souid Profile Image Karima Souid
Députée-Constituante et Assesseur du Président de l'ANC (23/10/ 2011- 24/11/2014) #Tunisie #Revolution #HumanRights
49 10


Janet Tiebout Hanson Profile Image Janet Tiebout Hanson
Founder #85Broads Lifelong investor in trailblazing women who have the guts and the passion to go for it.
49 9


Heidi Melin Profile Image Heidi Melin
CMO at Plex Systems; Passionate about Modern Marketing, Modern Manufacturing, Cloud/SaaS and Women in Technology
49 9


한명 숙 Profile Image 한명 숙
국회 정무위원회에서 일하고 있는 한명숙입니다.
49 8


Kader Sevinc Profile Image Kader Sevinc
Poet @PassaPortaBxls, @PES_PSE Presidency, @CHPEU Rep. , Fellow @SAIS, Founder @TurkishCoffeeB, Renovation of Politics, Poetry CD & book https://t.co/lKSO7ZphAl
49 8


Ellen Seebold Profile Image Ellen Seebold
Director, Social Media @CommonSense, former @Adobe & @Webtrends, digital and content marketer, proud @Cal mom. Opinions here my own. #socialmedia #gobears
48 8


Tymoshenko. UA Profile Image Tymoshenko. UA
Сайт Юлії Тимошенко. Website of Yulia Tymoshenko.
48 7


Lauren Crampsie Profile Image Lauren Crampsie
Wife 1st, Mom 2nd, Soul Cycle 3rd. Also, Global CMO at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide.
48 7


LaSandra Brill Profile Image LaSandra Brill
Head of Digital Planning & Insights @NVIDIA, mom of three including one with Ds, motivated by learning & trying new things. Tweets are my very own!
48 6


Blair Christie Profile Image Blair Christie
Diplomat, explorer, convener at work and life. Invigorated by smart thinkers, action and brilliant technology. Women's advocate. Former Cisco CMO. Mom of 3.
47 6


Diana Farrell Profile Image Diana Farrell
President & CEO, JPMC Institute. Former Head MCG and MGI at McKinsey and WH Econ Advisor. Advance world prosperity. @HarvardHBS @Wesleyan_U. Tweets are my own.
47 6


Veronica McGregor Profile Image Veronica McGregor
News/Social Media Mgr @NASAJPL. Also tweeting as @MarsCuriosity & @AsteroidWatch. Creator of the 1st #NASATweetup. Opinions here are my own.
47 5


나 경원 Profile Image 나 경원
엄마의 힘으로 동작의 묵은 숙제 야무지게 풀겠습니다.
47 5


Linda Stone Profile Image Linda Stone
twitter=continuous partial mindcasting, continuous partial friendship, continuous partial connections
47 4


Debbie Landa Profile Image Debbie Landa
CEO, Dealmaker Media & Co-founder GrowLab Producer: GROW & Under the Radar Conferences http://t.co/5HxivGYx6a | http://t.co/jeZ9jrc15o
46 4


Леся Оробець Profile Image Леся Оробець
Народний депутат України
46 4


Melissa Parrish Profile Image Melissa Parrish
VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester. Also a theatre-geek, book-lover, new-tech-user, and hyphen-enthusiast.
46 3


Lobna Jeribi Profile Image Lobna Jeribi
Ingénieur docteur en systèmes d'information, membre de l'assemblée nationale constituante 2011-2014 et Président de Solidar Tunisie
45 3


June Cohen Profile Image June Cohen
After 11 years at TED, I now develop original series for VR and audio (mainly with Vrse and Audible). I tweet about media, technology, design, culture & ideas.
45 2


Pam Wickham Profile Image Pam Wickham
CCO @raytheon. Passionate about communications, the role of women in biz & society, education, equality & all things digital. Views are my own.
44 2


Sonia McDonald Profile Image Sonia McDonald
Inspirational Leader, Keynote Speaker & Influencer Sonia McDonald CEO @LeadershipHQ1 builds leaders & entrepreneurs to reach their greatest potential
43 2


A. Berna Erten Profile Image A. Berna Erten
Founder and Editor in Chief Of Monthly ORIGINEL Magazine
43 1


Jessica Kleiman Profile Image Jessica Kleiman
Branding & Communications Strategist; co-author, Be Your Own @BestPublicist; board member of @NYWICI
42 1


Komarova Natalya Profile Image Komarova Natalya
Губернатор Ханты-Мансийского автономного округа - Югры
41 0
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