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Dinis Guarda

Photo of Dinis Guarda
Photo of Dinis Guarda
Digital Commerce Advisor
London, UK

Dinis Guarda is the founder and CEO of and, which are part of Ztudium Group. He is also the founder of and (Saxo Bank). Dinis’s background is in international management, marketing communications, web development, publishing, and content creation. He has worked on projects with the UN and governments, as well as a variety of financial, technology and consumer companies such as Reuters, MasterCard, P&G, Philips, Vodafone, and Nike. Dinis has also worked with artists such as David Bowie, Patti Smith, Depeche Mode, Michel Gondry, Steen Jakobsen, and Brian Solis

Dinis is a doer, he creates and helps companies gain greater value and maximise Return on Investment and Return on Attention. Dinis work with global players, both Fortune 500 & startups and SMEs innovating business, defining new directions in tech, digital, Fintech, Blockchain, social media and finance.

The foundation of his experience is the capacity to manage global businesses and their brands in a digital fast forward world. But also define and carry out projects, manage global teams / projects, redefine goals, find solutions in multilingual, multi-continent environments combining business development, product, internet strategy, sales, media, creativity, social media, marketing & PR.

Dinis has more than 20 years experience in Web, Mobile, Apps, video, email marketing, magazines / publishing, TV, SEO, PPC, Social media. He is also focused in web analytics, CRM, community building. Dinis is a lecturer in various international business schools and a writer, he loves to get into thought leadership combining theory always as a way to reach the best practice(s).



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