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Martin Armstrong: The Economist Who Forecasts Everything

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Martin Armstrong is the guy who developed the Economic Confidence Model, an economic cycle theory based on pi as well as business cycles. According to this model, every 8.6 years, economic waves occur which result in a crisis. Based on the model, Martin Armstrong accurately predicted the 1987 crash, as well as the Nikkei crash in 1989, and the 1998 crash of Russia.

Martin Armstrong Predictions Caricature
Martin Armstrong Caricature

Former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd., Martin Armstrong is clearly either a very clever man – or an actual prophet. As well as the aforementioned crashes, his Economic Confidence Model also forecast the techs collapse, the real estate bubble, and it has even predicted the current decline of the euro, as well as Japan’s economic woes.

It was 16 years ago when his model was forecasting these events. With unnerving accuracy.

Not only this, but in 2013, Martin Armstrong also predicted – with unparalleled confidence – that Ukraine would be invaded by Russia before March 2014. It was. Oh, and he also added – as the most casual afterthought ever – that the US share market would rise. It did. Taking the US dollar with it. He could literally be saying these things to you over dinner whilst you sit there open-mouthed. And all he would say is, “The US share market will rise. Be a doll and pass the salt, would you?”  🙂 

Martin Armstrong Economics Blog

Let’s stop and think about this for a second: Armstrong forecast that the euro’s value would slide and that its remaining days could be counted, despite the EU itself (as well as the US) thinking the opposite. He out-thought just about everyone.

The Future in Martin Armstrong’s Perspective

So, what does this mean today? After all, these are all past events. Sure, Martin Armstrong sounds like he’s got the power to predict the end of the world, but how does this effect us? Well, the last date on his Economic Confidence Model that he drew up 16 years ago alludes to 2016. That’s this year.

Martin Armstrong Blog PredictionsAccording to Martin Armstrong Economics, 2016 will be pivotal. According to Armstrong, it will be the catalyst for a Big Bang. What does this mean for sovereign debt? What does it mean for interest rates? What about gold? Europe? USA? Currencies? Stocks? Oil?

There are a lot of questions to ask, and perhaps more things to worry about. But in these turbulent times, putting our faith in the hands of a so-called ‘prophet’ is honestly not as crazy as it sounds. For more information, you can read the Martin Armstrong blog at:



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