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Exclusive Video Interview With Chloé James (Presenter at Sky News, Group Media Director at RFi Group)

Exclusive video interview with Chloe James of Sky News conducted by Humaniq and Tim Campbell MBE

Powerful Women Secrets and FinTech Success With Chloé James: 

Chloé James is a young financial journalist who already has a stellar list of achievements under her belt. She graduated from Finders University in Sydney Australia with a post-graduate degree in Festival Event Design and Management. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Fine Arts and Performing Arts. 

Chloé’s studies have prepared her well for her roles as manager for corporate events and conferencing with the RFi group. Also for her television appearances on Sky TV and RFi TV, where she authors and conducts interviews with many fascinating and diverse thought leaders. She is also the presenter for Sky Business News in Australia, where she interviews successful business people and reads the business bulletin.

AT RFi group Chloé is the Media Content Director, she manages global media relations and corporate affairs. She also manages the conference and events programme. RFi is a provider of business intelligence in financial services. They offer services in strategic research plus advisory and consultancy services worldwide. The group has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Dubai, Singapore, Toronto and San Francisco. She travels a lot and gets to meet many interesting people.

Chloé says she loves working with these entrepreneurial business leaders where the interview format she uses offers insight and advice for new ideas on building successful businesses. 

“Humaniq Faces” for Positive Change

Humaniq is a fintech startup making use of blockchain and biometric technologies, this with smartphone devices aims to change the face of traditional banking. It will focus on the financing of people and businesses in places where there is little or no access to traditional banking and credit lines. The system aims to provide financial services and assist with economic inclusion for people in poverty by using a system of cryptographic utilities and digital applications. This they believe could help two billion people out of the grinding spiral of being extremely poor in a short number of years.

Humaniq Faces, which is the YouTube video-series conducted by the startup, interviews business leaders, FinTech experts and scientists. Humaniq produces a series of interviews which could be viewed on Youtube. Tim Campbell MBE interviewed Chloé James when she was in London.

During the interview, Chloé spoke of her passion for Fintech as a force for good. She recently was “master of ceremonies at Money 20 20 in Copenhagen”. This being the European conference attended by 6000 delegates discussing financial inclusion. Here Chloé was able to meet and interview some of the movers and shakers in financial technology.

About 80% of the world’s population live on less than $10 per day and about two billion people in the world have no access to banking facilities at all. In the interview Chloé touched on financial inclusion and gender equality. She mentioned the project of an Entrepreneur If she can I can”. Chloé also mentioned the show Women in Business which she writes for where she explores what it takes to get to the top.

An interesting concept touched by Chloé is of millennials. She said they have a different concept of work, finance and education. Their role-models are different from those of earlier years. These role-models are often young people with little education who saw a gap in the market and are making millions with their talents. She stated how education needs to change to meet the needs of millennials. Often people leave university with a degree and there are no appropriate jobs for them.

Another interesting thing Chloé mentioned is how millennials tend to be more socially aware and often choose brands, according to their social responsibility. More and more big organisations are bringing philanthropy into their company ethos.

View the full interview below:



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