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Getting Your Clients on the Cloud

Getting Your Clients on the Cloud

Gone are the days in which clients drive to a brick-and-mortar store or go online to buy a boxed product for most of their software. Instead, the vast majority of companies are purchasing cloud-based software solutions. In 2015, a Software Advice survey reported that the number of businesses using cloud-based software had nearly doubled in the past year. Additionally, Forbes reported that an expected 78 percent of U.S. small businesses will have fully adopted to cloud computing by 2020. Now, more than ever, is it of paramount importance to migrate your clients to the accounting cloud. Here are the top reasons why:

No accessibility barriers
With no software to install, applications can be up and running in just a few minutes — fast and user-friendly. It’s also easier for companies with multiple locations or remote workers to access the application at anytime enabling more efficient business.

Reduces staff and infrastructure needs
Because there are little or no hardware or maintenance costs — this comes at the expense of the vendor — there’s need for less staff. With on-premise solutions, the customer has hardware and storage space needs, as well as the IT personnel to keep everything running smoothly. When the application is in the cloud and managed by the vendor, needs decrease for both staff and infrastructure.

Lowers expenses
Most models of cloud solutions have a pay as you go type usage, generally monthly. Instead of paying a licensing fee and annual maintenance costs, companies can pay per user, and easily add more users when needed. Vendors often offer their products at a lower cost because systems are built to allow several customers to share infrastructure while keeping each customer’s data protected. In a cloud-based situation, the vendor fronts the cost for hardware, storage space and IT personnel.

Drives smart business
Upgrades or updates to the software are easier and happen on a regular basis with cloud applications. Vendors these days tweak their products constantly, and often the enhancements are made automatically without disrupting a customer’s work. Customers are often alerted to major changes coming, and have the option to turn off the new feature if they’re not ready to upgrade. This makes for a constantly new-and-improved application to work in.

Cloud computing certainly makes sense as the waive of the future for business owners because it enables quicker, more efficient business to happen. When firms can do business quicker and easier, they can help more clients, which increases the company‘s bottom line and when clients get immediate attention, they’re pleased and feel valued. It’s a win-win situation.



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