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Making Your Mission Relevant: How Productivity Can Be Improved

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Making a meaningful difference in the world does not always need deep pockets. All too often, business owners work under the impression that to have a tangible impact, they need to donate an oversized check touting a high dollar amount, when in fact the opposite is true. It’s the small, simple things that truly add up, that go a long way and improve the world around us.

This macrocosm holds true for the accounting profession, too. Most people wouldn’t necessarily list accounting as one of the top impactful professions out there. Jobs like firefighters, teachers and nurses spring to mind first, but in reality, accounting can have a profound impact on the lives and businesses of those around you. The shift in understanding how to make a meaningful impact is in the approach. There are many small actions, you can do to improve productivity in your practice including:

Encourage Tech Savviness

Knowing what’s the latest and greatest these days, and not being afraid to show your clients that you’re both knowledgeable and comfortable with innovation can help streamline their business and make your practice more efficient. For client’s lagging in regards to technology and smart information systems, introduce them to cloud-based software, and showcase how new platforms can help better manage an active and involved business. Taking the time to walk a client through creative tools can positively boost your working relationship and the way you do business together.

Direct People to Others

This doesn’t mean redirecting all your business to other firms! But knowing when another expert is needed is an expert move in and of itself. Maybe your client has decided to relocate. Suggest a good commercial realtor to help find the perfect office. Or when a client’s work suddenly goes through the roof, ask for backup to help lighten the load. As the old adage goes, two heads are better than one, so bringing in an additional expert can mean you can accomplish more together, making you look smarter.

Know Your Stuff — Not Only Your Numbers

To position yourself and your company as a multi-dimensional firm, you’ve got to do more than crunch numbers. Know about tax breaks and incentives. Provide great references for other services that compliment your own. Be on top of your game to provide whatever your client asks for, not only the basic tasks.

Encourage Your Employees to Do Good Inside and Outside the Office

Whether as a team or individually, an hour of community service or a small monetary donation in the local community can go a long way. This type of behavior cultivates positive habits both in and outside of the office. People who volunteer regularly often note a higher level of satisfaction derived from their activities. Happy people lead to a positive workplace, which in turn boosts impact to your clients. Volunteer service also speaks to your firm’s commitment outside of work, showing you are a vital part of the community.

The thing is, little steps add up. Aim for a holistic approach when trying to deepen the impact your firm has. Whether with clients or the community you live in, a well-rounded approach empowers you as a leader both in and outside your firm. The goal of a great leader is to be a go-to, trusted person and knowing how to up the ante and deliver productive results is a major key in making your firm stand out.



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