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20 Large Companies That Satisfied Their Employees the MOST (2014-2015)

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Google Wins

Are you fed up your line of work? Do you think you behave well only whilst your employer is in close proximity? Are you convinced that you do not need to give value to your company?

If you’ve responded yes to all of these questions, especially when approaching the busiest months of January and February in the recruitment industry – perhaps it’ll be useful to search for a new job.

Naturally, you should be certain that you’ll feel more passionate about your new job. The jobs-site GlassDoor.com published a list of the best large companies for employees in 2014 – 2015. Glassdoor.com’s founder and CEO Robert Hohman ensured that the list was prepared by asking non-biased research questions to a big list of employees.

Here are the 20 most satisfactory large companies, who make their employees produce happily:

Order The Company Given by the employees vote (out of 5)
1 Google 4.5
2 Bain & Company 4.4
3 Nestle Purina 4.4
4 f5 Networks 4.3
5 Boston Consulting Group 4.2
6 Chevron 4.2
7 HEB 4.2
8 In-N-Out Burger 4.2
9 McKinsey & Company 4.2
10 Mayo Clinic 4.2
11 P & G 4.2
12 Brigham and Women’s Hospital 4.2
13 Facebook 4.1
14 Qualcomm 4.1
15 Southwest Airlines 4.1
16 Slalom Consulting 4.1
17 Genentech 4.1
18 Adobe 4.1
19 MathWorks 4.1
20 Stryker 4.0



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