Trading Vs Investing

Trading vs. Investing

This article will focus on answering a common question. What will make you more money – trading or investing? Trading can be quite similar to investing at certain points. For example, a trader may hold a security for the same amount of time as an investor. Therefore, to avoid confusion, I will refer to the extremes. In this article by trader ...

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What does an economist do?

What Does an Economist Do? Answered!

The job title ‘economist‘ is to this day one of the least understood. In this post I will explain not only what it is that an economist does, but also why the job role is so hard to understand. The dictionary definition of an economist is someone who is “an expert in economics“. And economics is in turn defined as ...

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Kim Jung-un VS Sony Pictures

Kim Jong-un “Zaps” Sony Pictures

Kim Jong-un – the angry authoritarian of isolated North Korea – has once again surprised the world. This time by demonstrating control over a global film industry. A comedy directed by the notable Seth Rogen portraying a humorous assassination attempt on the North Korean leader was recently produced at a cost of $42m by Sony Pictures. Kim Jong-un was not a ...

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